Thursday, January 15, 2009

A long while

Quite a while since I have last posted here and yet when I check my blogs' traffic, I am amazed to see the number of visitors to Timid Cook and yet I have been updating my other blog, now renamed to Notes from wherever I happen to be, more regularly. I thought I wrote better than I cook. Ah well, I live and learn.

In the meanwhile, I have been staying at chez parents where our excellent but tempermental cook K has been serving me all sorts of wonderful meals and generally doesn't like anyone entering her domain - the kitchen. Ergo, the kilos have piled on and my cooking has dwindled to the ocassional breakfast.

But soon, I plan to start posting K's goodies. And good they are.

Till then, "how to cook dal" and "how to make tomato chutney" and "how to cook koi mach" continues to rule the roost at Timid Cook.